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moss kids book project

A children's literacy nonprofit bringing diverse & inclusive books to every kid in every community.

Creating a safe, supported space for all.

Our Mission

MOSS Kids' mission is to serve our youth, providing them with an accessible wealth of diverse and inclusive literary works. By fostering a safe and supported community, MOSS Kids will encourage children to cultivate a passion for reading.

We constantly hope for a better world. That world begins with our children. Children with empathy, compassion, strength, understanding, and dreams. Children who stand up for others. Children who give up their seats. Children who welcome all to the table. Those children grow into the adults that will change our world for the better.

It's our mission to set that in motion. You can help us do it.


Creating little free libraries throughout underserved communities

we aim to reach children throughout all environments; schools, dr offices, daycares

We are aiming to donate books each month to create children's book clubs across the country for in-person story times

Wrapped up & delivered to you a literary surprise of your choosing: vintage or contemporary

moss mystery


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