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MOSS Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies entirely on donations to support and gift diverse and inclusive literature to every kid in every community. We are so grateful for your donations. Every little bit helps.

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Help us buy this building to create a

Children's free public library & youth community center

Here's what we hope to do:

  • Start a children's free public library where kids can be kids

  • Fill that library with diverse & inclusive books

  • Create a youth community center within the library with after-school programs, clubs (lego club, allies clubs, book clubs, Mario Kart club, you get the idea), storytimes & crafts, homeschool meetings

  • Host free events: author/illustrator visits, yoga on Saturday mornings, guest speakers, educational camps

  • Be OPEN on Sundays to allow working parents to visit with their kids

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Financial Contribution

Each monetary donation helps to fund filling little free libraries, gifting books through our community outreach program, and starting children's book clubs across the country.



We have an ongoing wishlist of books at to fill our libraries and donate to our communities. Choose a book (or a few) you would like to see read & they will be shipped right to us. Books purchased through our link will earn MOSS Kids a small commission.

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MOSS Mystery

Our MOSS mysteries are a way for us to fundraise and for you to get something in return. We believe books should be shared and we are giving these books another chance at being loved. And keeping them out of a landfill. Choose & unwrap a literary surprise!


We started a Patreon to help bring in funds every month AND give you the opportunity to join in on all our fun -- we have different tiers that you can choose with various goodies in each including our MOSS Mysteries. We wanted to provide an accessible way to donate monthly to help us improve access to diverse and inclusive books easier for all kids across all communities. Tiers range starting at $2/month all the way up to $50/month. For more information about each tier & to sign up, click the button below.

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