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About Us

Bringing literacy to every child

A wife/husband team, we are passionate about children's literacy. After moving to a tiny rural town, we noticed the lack of diverse and inclusive children's literature and the lack of space/opportunities for children to access books and learn. We did some research. So many children across the country suffer from the lack of diverse and inclusive learning.

We want to change that.

Happy Reader

our mission

MOSS Kids' mission is to serve our youth, providing them with an accessible wealth of diverse and inclusive literary works. By fostering a safe and supported community, MOSS Kids will encourage children to cultivate a passion for reading.

Our mission is to serve our youth, all youth, by providing them with ample 
opportunities to learn. In order to foster that learning, access to diverse and inclusive books is essential. As is, a space in which to safely foster that learning. You can help us do that.

Meet our cofounders

our plan

We are aiming to diversify children's education and foster a deep love of learning.

Little Free Libraries

MOSS Mysteries

Community outreach

Book club

creating & filling little free libraries with diverse & inclusive books

wrapped & delivered to you, a fundraising literary surprise

gifting to kids throughout all environments

join us in celebrating reading with a children's book club 

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