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Hop into spring with a bunny book

It's that time of year. Animals are awakening from their long winter naps. The barren trees are beginning to bud. Chirps of cardinals and crickets call as the early morning dew leads into the quiet evening dusk. It's the season of hope, reawakening, growth. And bunnies. Lots of bunnies. Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow bunnies, the Easter bunny. So let's hop into Spring with a bundle of bunny books. Ah, alliteration.


Board books for little hands:

Indestructibles: Happy Easter!

If an Indestructible fits my theme, I am adding it. We have now utilized our Indestructible books through 3 kids. They have been chewed and drooled on and crinkled and wrinkled. And they have not torn. The PERFECT gift for babies. Plus they are washable! Every childcare, preschool, and home should have these.

A Peter Rabbit Tale: A Spring Surprise

We love the world of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Everyone is bringing something to the picnic, but Peter cannot think of what to bring! Join these classic characters in this charming board book. I mean, just look at Peter in his little blue jacket!!

Eggs are Everywhere

We are suckers for interactive books. This one is perfect for babies and toddlers as the tradition of the egg hunt comes to life. Turn the wheel, lift the flaps; these types of books can entertain my kids for hours. AND THE ILLUSTRATIONS! I found myself just as captivated looking for eggs as my kids were.

We're Going on an Egg Hunt & Hop Little Bunnies

Two beautifully written and illustrated books by the dynamic duo, Martha Mumford & Laura Hughes are the perfect additions to baskets or Spring reads.

We're Going on an Egg Hunt^ is an interactive lift the flap, but watch out is that a WOLF?!

< Hop Little Bunnies is the sweetest read, as we venture along and rouse our animal friends from their slumbers!

Honorable mentions: Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons by Il Sung Na; Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney; Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson


Picture books:

Hope is a Hop

This season's new release explores hope, resilience and surprising possibilities. Eva wants a cheerful flower garden, but her hopes are dashed by a hungry rabbit. She discovers something surprising about her nemesis that reminds her of her own growing family and inspires her to try again. This one is on the top of our to be read and one we will gift to the kids throughout the Spring season.

Cat & Bunny

Cat and Bunny. Bunny and Cat. It's always been just the two of them--daydreaming, having adventures, playing their special game. Until the day someone else asks, "Can I play?" All about the magic of first friendship, this is the perfect picture book for families who do not celebrate Easter & still want a sweet, charming bunny read.

Everything Will Be Ok

Nothing is going right for little bunny. But while some days can feel more sad than happy, there's always a bright spot on the horizon. The perfect comforting message that I think we all could use when times get tough. I really want this one for myself; maybe it will be in my basket this year!

The Little Rabbit

We love Nicola Killen & Ollie! Join Ollie & her favorite stuffed bunny as they venture out into the Springtime sun to explore. A sudden breeze whips through and Ollie's bunny friend twitches their whiskers and the real magical adventure really begins. We gifted the kids this book last spring season and it is one we ended up reading throughout the year!

Honorable mentions: Shy Willow by Cat Min; Wherever You Go by Pat Zietlow Miller; The Girl and the Moon Rabbit by Shada Elmansouri; That's My Carrot! by Il Sung Na


Chapter book:

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny- Detectives Extraordinaire!

In this hilarious chapter book mystery, meet a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by disreputable foxes, and a pair of detectives that also happen to be bunnies! When Madeline gets home from school one afternoon to discover that her parents have gone missing, she sets off to find them. So begins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure involving a cast of unforgettable characters. This is our next read aloud book before bed with the kids & I am so excited to hop into it.


So many bunny books just in time for Spring! And these are just a few of our favorites. Check out our full bookshop list below & remember, purchasing a book for yourself/gift using our link will earn MOSS Kids a small commission. We thank you for your donation. Keep an eye out for our favorite secular Easter read & our craft for story time next week! Follow along on our ig!

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