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these are A few of our favorite: green reads

The month of March brings all things green.

Buds beginning to form, clovers in a field, leprechauns outwitting traps; Spring is just ahead.

We have compiled a list of our favorite green covered books.

MOSS Kids does receive a small commission from your purchase off of our Bookshop list. We thank you for your donation.

Here are a few of our favorites from our List:


Board Books:

Indestructibles: Let's Go Outside

WE LOVE INDESTRUCTIBLES! Perfect for little hands. Perfect for teething, drooling babies. You can't rip it. A caregivers dream. A book that you can give a child without the worry of destruction. The bright colors and beautiful illustrations provide the perfect opportunity for babies to begin their reading adventures.

little critters

Our ever-evading Leprechaun gifted this book to our 8 month for St Patrick's Day this year. It is easily her favorite book. The simple shaped illustrations, the touch/think/learn concept with raised characters and cut out shapes is the perfect read for her exploratory and inquisitive mind.

Families Can

The sweetest rhyming board book celebrating all families! Celebrate the differences that make each family unique and the similarities and love that connect us all together.


Picture Books:

Sonya's Chickens

Everything Phoebe Wahl touches is gold. The diversity among the characters. The illustrations that are rarely shown in children's books. A women with leg hair! A mother nursing! Plus-size representation! She does it all. And she does it well. This book beautifully demonstrates the interconnectedness of nature as we learn along with Sonya about the true joys and sorrows of caring for another creature.

The Old Boat

The Pumphrey brothers- our favorite duo. A boy and a boat set off to home. Riding the tides, catching wishes, this book celebrates the families we make and the homes that we nurture.

A New Green Day

If you listen, nature speaks. Through thought provoking riddles, children will guess who will appear on the next page as the book travels through day to night and back again. My kids shouted out different answers as we all tried to guess who or what we would see next. An interactive, explorative book full of natures wonders.

Chirri & Chirra In the Tall Grass

Another adventure in the Chirri & Chirra world. Chirri & Chirra become very small, and so they are able to explore the magical world hidden away in a mound of tall grass. Filled with friendly, industrious bees and equally inventive bugs, this book brings the lovely particularity of life in Japan--marked by food and nature--to young readers.

Green on Green

A child is on a colorful journey through the seasons. All the while, there is another colorful change on the horizon--the birth of a new sibling. Discover the joys of nature, seasons, family through gentle, rhyming text and vivid artwork. Our family loves this one and we bring it out at the beginning of each season!


Middle Grade:

The Best At It

A hilarious and heartfelt middle grade debut about a gay Indian American boy coming into his own. Rahul Kapoor is heading into seventh grade in a small town in Indiana. The start of middle school is making him feel increasingly anxious, so his grandfather gives him some advice: Find one thing you're really good at and become the BEST at it. But what if he discovers he isn't the best at anything? This is a story about friendship, family, and the courage it takes to live your truth.

Marya Khan and the Fabulous Jasmine Garden

Marya's school is creating a community garden for students to take care of. Not only will her third-grade class be the first to work on it, but Marya's mom will be teaching the students all about gardening. And one student will be chosen to lead the charge. Marya REALLY wants to be the class leader . . . but so does Alexa, her worst enemy. Can Marya bring everyone together and make the most beautiful, fabulous garden the school has ever seen?


Buying new books all the time is unrealistic. Try this activity instead. Head to your local library or even to your own bookshelves. Set a timer & try to find as many green covered books as you can in the time allotted. It's fun and gets kids to really immerse themselves in the process of choosing a book without all the pressure to decide. Just find a green covered book (or a few) and read! If you do this, tag us @mosskidsbooks on ig! We want to see the beautiful greens you're reading.

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