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Bloom with our Spring Reads

Spring is here! The buds are beginning to form. The hibernating animals are awakening from their slumber. The daylight is longer. The weather is warmer, most days.

It's time for bright pastel colors and the magic of new life!

As the temperatures begin to rise, we have been taking our story time afternoons outside. Just grab a blanket, a warm beverage (we usually have herbal tea but this week we've been drinking hot chocolate with strawberry whipped cream*), a snack and a few books. Browse our list, head to your local library and see if they have a few you may be interested in. If not, request that your librarian purchase them for you and others to enjoy!

*thank me later for this!

Reminder: any purchases made through our bookshop link make MOSS Kids a small commission. Thank you for your donation!

Just a few off our list we think you will enjoy:

board books:

Little Chicks

Spring is Here

Taro Gomi!! Short stories that take the littlest of readers on adventures. Perfect for little hands & they make the best gifts!

< A Little Book About Spring

Introducing classics to a new generation.

A Nest in Springtime >

Bilingual books are our absolute favorite for our youngest readers!


Picture Books:


This was the first book we read this Spring. The most beautiful story of a mother & child moving to a new home and befriending their elderly neighbor. Spanning from Spring to Spring, we follow their friendship through the seasons. An absolute must read from us. Julie Flett is an incredible artist & immerses you into her stories.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Every time the seasons change, we read a Kenard Pak book. It is almost like the next season cannot come until we saw goodbye to the one we are leaving & hello to the one we are welcoming. Take a stroll through the countryside with a boy & his dog to experience the changing of seasons.

A Spring Treasury of Recipes, Crafts and Wisdom

This book is on our "need to buy" list. We just finished with the Winter Treasury and we are *convinced* that we now need them all. Flip through the pages throughout the season to learn how to brew dandelion tea, create wind chimes from foraged materials and learn all about sowing seeds. We come back to these books multiple times throughout the season and it's a great resource for activities all in one place.

City Beet

This new release has been gracing our feeds with tremendous reviews. We now NEED to read it. A community potluck. Diverse characters. Everyone coming together to save the day. YES. YES. YES. And there is even a recipe in the book?! WHAT?! We are sold.

Kumo the Bashful Cloud

Kyo Maclear's sweetly humorous and lyrical parable about shyness, vividly brought to life by Nathalie Dion's ethereal illustrations, is an affirmation of the pleasures of community and the confidence that can arise from friendship and visibility. I mean, a bashful cloud, I AM IN.

Spencer Knows Spring

A part of the collection of season themed books, Spencer Knows Spring introduces young readers to the signs of spring through beautiful illustrations and simple text. Love an engaging book with bright colors!

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Kate Messner is from our hometown in upstate (& we mean upstate) NY. So obviously we have to read her books. And we have, all of them, and they are so good. This sweet exploration of the hidden world and many lives of a garden through the course of a year shows us a world full of green. Discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves, and, of course, down in the dirt.


Middle grade:

Heartwood Hotel Better Together

Oh the Heartwood. This book is going to be our chapter book for next month and I am so excited to dive into it. We were first introduced to the Heartwood Hotel series with our homeschool literature curriculum: Blossom and Root Kindergarten. We made peg doll characters and we absolutely loved it. Spring has come to Fernwood Forest and the Heartwood is throwing the splashiest Spring Splash the forest has ever seen. But with Mr Heartwood on vacation & a rumors of a rival hotel, can Mona and the rest of the staff pull this off? EEK! We can't wait.

The Girl From Earth's End

I'm a little out of my element with middle grade, however, starting the little free libraries and *eventually* starting our own physical library space, I am headfirst diving in. This one really caught my eye and I plan on reading it myself before donating in our local little free library. Gifted gardener Henna embarks from her island home to search for the plant that might save her papa's life in this vibrant story of love, grief, and growth. A story of hope, I feel like this is the perfect Spring middle grade read.


So many incredible books that we cannot wait to SPRING into (see what I did there).

We would love to hear from you- leave us a comment telling us what you are reading this Spring or if you've read any of these before. We will continue to feature Spring books throughout the season on our ig @mosskidsbooks. Be sure to check back here for crafts & activities to go along with some of our favorite Spring reads.

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